Review of the Bingo Cup Video Game

Instructions for Playing Bingo Cup

Is winning the bingo cup game by Zitro Interactive within your skill set? The stakes are high, but the payoff substantial if you can complete the task before the last ball, or the 30th ball.

The world of football (or soccer, depending on your perspective) serves as inspiration for this feature-rich bingo game, but you needn’t be a lover of the global game to appreciate its worth.

Read through our in-depth analysis of the Bingo Cup game, and you’ll be well-equipped to take on the game’s many challenges while keeping your cool. If you put in the time to read our review, you could just qualify for one of the best online casino bonuses available right now.

The Game’s Layout

When playing bingo in a cup, it’s all about the cup! As expected. Zitro has done a great job at bringing the football concept to life in this bingo game with details like a realistic looking pitch and footballs.

The action takes place inside of the 18-yard box and the other half of a lush green grassy area. You’ll also notice that the additional balls, one of the special features, are neatly stored in the goal and box.

The interface is uncomplicated, with all of the game’s controls located down the game’s bottom. We think autoplay and the ability to speed up the balls are lifesavers. When determining whether or not to play with extra balls, it’s important to take things at a slower pace.

Music and Noises for a Bingo Game

The noises you’ll hear when you get a bingo are consistent across most online bingo games, so you’ll recognize the beeps and bells when you win.

There is no music to play in the background, which may be due to the game’s age. Considering the sporty nature of the game, it would have been great to hear numerous cheers upon victory.

Nothing too special to hear, just the usual bingo noises.

Inherent Characteristics

Zitro Interactive is banking on the game’s strongest features to bring in plenty of customers. Complete your card before the 30th bingo ball is drawn to win the jackpot and take use of the bingo cup’s special features.

Optional Extra Balls

The game’s standout feature is the chance of an extra ball at the end of each game. You pay to take part in what amounts to a penalty shootout.

Up to 10 more balls can be purchased in this mode, with the price depending on several parameters such as the possible payout. As a result, the cost per ball will skyrocket if you’re in the midst of a major combination win.

However, if you only have one line, you might be able to get away with paying only a few cents for each additional ball.

The key selling point of this addition is the increased mental challenge it presents, giving players more agency over whether or not to risk losing.

The Z-Ball Function

The Z Ball is a unique ball that allows players to use their additional balls to pull through. Each participant gets to choose whatever number on their cards is replaced with the ball.

Bingo’s Extra Round

Matching all four corner numbers on a single card triggers the bonus game. Players get three chances to spin a wheel with varying values; the amount they win is determined by where the ticker stops after each spin.

What We Think About the Bingo Cup

You should lace up your boots and play the bingo cup game if you want to participate more actively in the action and enjoy a plethora of unique features. You may play consistently, with lots of added variety thanks to the additional balls function, and try to win the incredible 30-ball jackpot.

We advocate taking use of the power that the finest online casino bonuses may have by extending your gaming duration with a targeted deposit matching promotion, as it can be a long and arduous process to grind out the huge wins in bingo games.






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